6 House Plants You Won’t Kill

Peperomia If you want a cute medium sized plant for a table or shelf, have I got the plant for you. This plant literally thrives off of "watering sparingly". The soil should dry to as deep as 5 inches and does well in medium to bright light. You can find multiple kinds of Peperomia, I personally like [...]

20 Memes to Express Your Mood

If you were a child in the 90's you likely experienced Xanga. Xanga was pre-Instagram, Facebook even Myspace, but sucked away just as much of your life. I would spend hours googling basic level coding to make my layout just so, creating banners for my header in Microsoft Paint, and don't forget all that time choosing just the perfect [...]

Spring Mood Board 2018

  Food: Noodles, Pies, Pasta, Rolls Makeup: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Tipsy, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Freelove, MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt Polish: CND Polish in Naked Naivete, CND Polish in Salmon Run

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