Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, brands and labels were viewed much higher than actual fashion. Especially when it came to purses. The ever-popular Coach was obtainable if you visited an outlet, but still showed everyone you had that label. Michael Kors was also highly coveted amongst the cornfields and was a slight step up. [...]

Hotel California

Long, long ago I worked in a quaint little restaurant my coworkers and I referred to as "Hell". When I first began it wasn't quite so awful, in fact, I actually enjoyed working. I liked all my coworkers, I loved the food that I served, adored my customers, and enjoyed my hours even if it did mean I [...]

5 Things to Remember in School

Due to the school supplies that have suddenly appeared in Target, it dawned on me school is in fact upon us. It also dawned on me I need a calendar and a life outside of Target, but that's for a later post. So as the Cool Dinosaur Aunt you've always wanted, today I will be sharing with you [...]