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How I Track My Money

Hello kids! I'm frequently asked, "How do you keep track of your money?" which the short answer is, with a very nerdy late 90's spreadsheet. The first time I moved out of my parent's house I moved from Michigan to Collonges-Sous-Saléve, France. I had a set amount of money I had saved for the year, and no [...]

How to Say No

With the thousands of posts on "why you should say yes!" out there, I thought we'd take a different approach. How to say no. Don't get me wrong, I'm here for the spontaneity that saying yes can bring, I'm for pushing yourself to try new things, and while I never watched "Yes Man" I'm sure it taught [...]

My Must Have School Supplies

There are very, very, few things I miss about school. But oh my God do I miss school supplies. I've moved onto "office supplies" in my old age, but alas, my heart. Since kindergarten, I would spend hours perfectly choosing the right school supplies, organizing all my pencils and pens into pouches, and meticulously placing everything into [...]

Planner Designs + Patterns

Hello Beebeeeeeees, Currently over on the ole boobtube I'm holding a Giveaway with! So I thought why not share some planner designs and patterns you could use if you are in fact making your own planner or for whatever your little heart feels like. I left these without text so you can feel free to customize them with your [...]