A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I discussed getting a place together. We also discussed waiting until the holidays were over, and we were more financially stable.

Well, the second part of that has gone out the window of my old apartment.

Because of this sudden move, I’m both excited and exhausted. Thus creating informative yet witty blog posts are not only out the window but have moved on as well. So today I bring you a list of my must-have moving items. No matter if you’re moving across the world, the state, or the city, these are things less obvious than an overnight bag, but just as important. I recommend putting them all into a box so they can easily be found and kept together.

1. Box Cutter

This simple two dollar device will save you so much hassle with boxes and random junk you need to cut into. Yes, scissors are mentioned later on this list, but a box cutter is so much better for safely cutting through the hundred pounds of cardboard you’ll end up with. Especially when breaking boxes down for recycling.

2. A List Pad

For some, simply creating a note on your phone will do. But personally, I’m a list lady so I like to write things by hand. No matter how prepared you think you are, you’re going to end up needing to buy hooks, outlet covers, more tape, knobs, a lamp, whatever. If you can start one concise list from the beginning, it will save you a lot of unnecessary trips to the store.

3. Basic Tools

This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but I’ve seen a lot of people move without tools. And it just doesn’t work. You don’t need to go crazy and buy a freakin saw, but get a decent drill, measuring tape, a hammer, scissors, nails, and screws. Like having a list, this will save you a lot of unnecessary trips and time wasted at Ikea when you realize you don’t know how wide your windows are.

4. Toilet Paper

Probably doesn’t need to be explained, but is very important.

5. A Set of Utensils and Napkins for Each Person Moving

You’re moving, so obviously Taco Bell or Chinese is on the menu for dinner. But also because you’re moving, the world is taking its opportunity to take a giant dump on your face and there isn’t a chopstick in sight for that fried rice. Fear not, you have utensils.

6. A Few Sandwich Bags

Sure you brought trash bags with your cleaning supplies, but what do you do with all the tiny screws you’ve pulled out of the walls? Sandwich bag baby. I recommend throwing a couple of these in your box to hold small items you may collect as you move that would be a pain to lose.

7. Magic Erasers

And I’m talking the Costco sized pack people. Along with all your regular cleaning supplies, be sure you bring some of these. These bad boys will get marks off your walls, dust out of crevices, and dried food out of places like you wouldn’t believe.

8. Clean Bedding

Finally, bring a set of clean bedding packed safely away in a place you’ll remember. It is terrible finally being done for the day and not knowing where your bedding is. I recommend making the bed earlier on in the day, so you have a nice place to crash when you want.