Hello and welcome to the first post of October! In the spirit of things, I thought I would share with you 10 of my favorite Halloween movies! I know a full list of 31 movies is more official (thanks Disney channel!) but I find it hard to squeeze all 31 in. Because of this, my list largely consists of good background movies that will get you in the holiday spirit while you cook, clean, or put around your house, along with a few good ones to curl up to with some hot chocolate and pumpkin scones.

01. Hocus Pocus

This is the most classic of Halloween movies in my book. If you’re busy this month and can only watch one, this is it. The Sanderson Sisters are ICONIC and who doesn’t love a young man feeling self-conscious about his virginity.

02. The Cabin in the Woods

The greatest mock of horror movies there ever was. This movie is slightly scary without actually being scary and pokes fun at everything that is horror and I am here for it.

03. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Sometimes you just need a safe space amongst all the ghouls and horror. And for that, Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the gang have your back.

04. The Shining

But then again, sometimes you just need to pee your pants but also know this is an old movie so you’re still safe. Cause obviously old movies can’t hurt you.

05. Teeth

Then again, again, sometimes you just want some weird classic scary. Emphasis on weird. In college, my dorm mates and I would all pile into my bed to watch borderline scary, mostly intentionally terrible horror films and this one is undoubtedly the greatest.

06. Coco

Again on the safe cartoon side of things is Coco. I know Coco isn’t really a Halloween movie, but sometimes you just need a good cry during the month and man will this deliver.

07. It

Ughhhh we’re finally onto actual scary. I saw the most recent It in theaters and found it to be the perfect amount of scary for my sissy self. Yes, it was frightening, but no won’t give me nightmares and make me afraid to walk home at night.

08. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

BRAH SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED AN OLSEN TWIN FLASHBACK. And here it is. It’s wonderful for when you’re feeling down and just want to feel warm and fuzzy inside like you did as a child.

09. Misery


Ohhhhh, another classic thriller. If you want something a little scary, but not too much, but also with some pretty horrifying moments, I present you with Misery.

10. Nightmare Before Christmas


It’s a must have really. I like watching this one towards the end of the month to really getcha in full festive holiday spirits.

What are some of your must-watch Halloween movies?