I’m not good at very many things, but boy am I an aggressive friend.  I don’t care what any nincompoop says, you need your friends. And just because you don’t have the convenience of being near one another, does not mean you cannot continue being just as close. In fact, chances are you’ll grow closer from the distance if you just keep up on your relationship.

There are many obvious ways to do this such as texting, calling, writing, sending pigeons, etc. But as you get older, and life get’s messier, it can be hard to find time to keep up with your besties. Hence, I present you with six brilliant ways to keep in touch.

1. Have Facetime Dates

Setting aside a time for a “date” will not only help keep you more accountable, but it’s cheap and you don’t have to put pants on. Give it a theme to feel fancy, make food together, have a glass of wine, light some candles, whatever. But doing so will help make it feel like you’re in the same place, or at least doing an activity together while you catch up.

2. Be Intentional with Small Updates

When you’re unable to see each other as frequently, the small stuff usually get’s lost. Dumb stories, funny accidents, these are thing’s that make us feel closer to one another and I’ve found when missing changes a relationship. Intentionally going out of your way to send small updates to your friend’s keeps them in the loop, and vice versa. This way you’re not having to spend hours going over everything that’s happened to you in the last month, only to leave out 80% of it. So send your friend a picture of your outfit asking what she thinks, show her the swatch of the lipstick you bought, your cat being dumb, or whatever you have going on in your life.

3. Send Small Gifts

For whatever reason, as we age, it becomes less important to give or receive gifts. But “I’m turning 28, I don’t need a birthday present.” is blasphemy in my book. Gifts are such an easy way to show someone you care for them and were thinking of them. And with the beauty of Amazon, can be done with one click. If your friend mentioned she hasn’t been having the greatest of weeks, send her a bar of chocolate or a new nail polish. Gifts don’t have to be expensive (hello prime!) or elaborate, the point is it’s wonderful to be reminded you are loved.

4. Do an Activity Together via the Internet

In 2011 I traveled abroad and made some amazing friends, many of whom I’m still friends with today. This, I largely have video games to thank for. Playing games online together is another amazing, and super inexpensive way to stay in touch. If video games aren’t your cup of tea, try watching a show together. I was in a long distance relationship for almost 4 years, and almost every night we could both get on skype with headphones and watch the same show on Netflix. It can be done.

5. Make a Book Club for Two

The whole “internet” ordeal not for you? No problem, ask your friend if they’d like to read the same book as you, set out dates for you to read by, and discuss the book as you go!

6. Send Each Other Care Packages

Technically, this could fall under the “Small Gifts” category. But personally, I think it’s more fun if you swap things. If you’ve recently moved to a new city, put together a package of things from your new place. Get locally made products, snacks, magnets, and have your friend send you a package full of things from home. CA-UTE RIGHT?

If you have any good tips for staying tight with the homies, lemme know below!