If you want a cute medium sized plant for a table or shelf, have I got the plant for you. This plant literally thrives off of “watering sparingly”. The soil should dry to as deep as 5 inches and does well in medium to bright light.

You can find multiple kinds of Peperomia, I personally like the “watermelon” sorts but all in all, the more you ignore them, the more they grow.

Snake Plant

These are wonderful for statement plants. Like hey hello welcome to my home aka plant house. They require light watering of about once every 2-6 weeks depending on how much sun they’re getting. Snake plants can survive in multiple lighting conditions although indirect is best.

This plant is toxic to dogs and cats though, so if you have critters maybe select a different one from this list.

Air Plants

Air Plants are one of my favorite plants because not only are they super simple, they don’t require dirt! That means these are great for weird spots, hanging glass bowls or any super tiny vases you may have.

They do require bring light, but just need a nice gentle soak in water for about 20 minutes once a week. Other than that, they’re happy little guys.

English Ivy

Who doesn’t love ivy? And as if ivy couldn’t get any fancier, it’s english. If you have a tall bookshelf, a ledge, or really any surface you bloody well feel like, toss some ivy in there!

English Ivy will grow in low light, but definitely prefers bright, indirect light if possible. Give them a nice misting about once a week, a little love, and you’ll be on your way.

Ponytail Palm

This is another bad boy that thrives on neglect. You want the soil to completely dry before watering again, and when you do water it just needs to soak for a few minutes.

These are another larger plant if you’re looking to fill a space, and can easily be found at Target or online.


Who doesn’t love a good cactus? I have these little guys all over my house to fill little corners or add some pizzaz to small shelves.

Cactus’s survive with very little water but actually do best with about a once a week watering. I try and water my plants every Sunday so they can live their best lives, but appreciate knowing they’ll keep living if I forget every once in awhile.