Come on, admit it, your glasses are all over the place waiting to get broken.

But no more!

With this ever so convenient glasses organizer. While this is not the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s functional, matches just about anything, and isn’t offensive.

Just like me.

For a while, I kept all my glasses on a beautiful marble tray, but in my current apartment, that tray was being stored under hooks that I just didn’t trust something to not fall off of and break all of my glasses. Now, I keep them organized by the door so you can grab sunglasses to match your outfit on the way out or dump into place on your way in.

Initially, I purchased these for a dance class I have since not gone back to.

But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about how nice it is to DEEP CLEAN things without hurting your knees. For $19.96 I would buy these again just for the fact that I can scrub the base of my bath, toilet, and under the bed without bruising. But also I suppose is good encouragement to go back to that class…


Brahhhhh. This makes the cutest of labels.

I bought this already owning a label maker. And I would do it all over again, that’s how much I like it. While a regular label maker is fine and dandy for filing, this one is so cute. It embosses instead of printing and comes with red and black tape. I’ve used this to label just about everything in my kitchen, my living room, and I’m coming for my dog next.


I know I know… glass water bottles really?

But you see my friends, there is something beautiful about having a nice cool water bottle filled with crisp water waiting in your fridge awaiting for you. When guests come over? I AM THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS (water).

Since these come in packs of six, I use half of them for smothie prepping, and the other half just so I have fancy water to class up the joint and it’s wonderful.

This weekend I had to cat sit for my sister, and among the things I missed were my bed, my baking utensils, and THIS FREAKIN SPONGE HOLDER.

I cannot stress how much wet sponges creep me out. This is the item you’re using to clean your dishes let you let it sit in a pile of its own wetness? NO! With this sponge holder, you can attach it to the wall behind your kitchen sink to easily pop your sponge into after it’s been wrung out. It keeps it off the counter if you have a small space, and helps it dry better.

P.S. though, I did end up buying tiny command strips to keep this on the wall as the ones that come with don’t stick that great.