Hello, one and all! Unfortunately, the air in Portland has been pretty awful lately which I believe is the cause of my face becoming terribly dry. So in order to soothe my cracking chin, I woke up to this morning, I thought I would share with you all my go-to hydrating face mask. I am a sucker for face masks, but am not able to use very many store bought ones as they will break my skin out.

This face mask on the other hand, is esthetician approved and cheap.

Aka all my favorite things. All you will need for this mask are:

  • 1 Strawberry (preferably organic)

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of Plain Greek Yogurt

  • 1/2 Tablespoon of honey

And that’s it! Another great thing about this mask is it doesn’t require you buying one weird ingredient you’ll never use in anything else. Heck, while shopping if you throw in some granola you literally have breakfast.

Now, what makes this face mask actually worthwhile?

Well my friends, the strawberries are full of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and apparently perform straight up miracles on your skin, according to ancient Romans and Egyptians. Next, the yogurt has lactic acid in it, which will help get rid of any dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. I’ve heard many people doing a very similar mask but using fresh cream instead of yogurt because the cream is more hydrating, but I find between all three ingredients this mask is just hydrating enough, while still fights against acne. But you follow your heart. Finally, the honey. Honey acts literally as a gentle cleanser because of it’s pH balance. But also it is super hydrating and will also keep your skin moist for longer.

I know, you’re finally convinced.

So to make said mask, start by crushing up your strawberry in a bowl. If you’re fancy and have a pestle and mortar, congratulations you’re doing life right, use that. But a fork also works. Once it’s mashed, add in the yogurt and honey. I like to use creamed honey for this because I find it smoother and easier to mix, but regular honey is perfectly fine as long as you make sure everything is really getting mixed together.

And voila, you have breakfast and a mask! At this point, your mask will look and taste like strawberry yogurt. Wipe this all over your face and let sit for 10 minutes. By ten minutes you should feel your skin starting to tighten up a little bit, but not too much. If you don’t, you could leave it on for an extra five minutes to really get those dead cells eaten, but I wouldn’t leave it on any longer than that. Remove gently with warm water to reveal notably smoother, softer, and brighter skin!