1. Watch Old TV Shows

This is ideal for both when you’re exhausted or have a lot of things to do. Old shows that you used to watch when you were growing up is often associated with simpler, happier times and always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Along with that, the content itself is usually lighter and since you’ve already seen everything you don’t really have to pay attention to know what’s going on. I love putting on shows like Golden Girls or The Nanny in the background while I clean, or to just curl up with a cup of tea and enjoy.

2. Bake

While I love cooking, I always find baking to be more soothing. Just something about the simple ingredients and decorating has calmed me even when I was a wee child using an Easy-Bake Oven we got from a garage sale. If cooking and baking usually cause you more stress than joy, mayyyyybe this isn’t the bullet point for you- or you may just want to go for something simpler. Go in with the mindset that this is just for you and it’s not a big deal. If you end up experiencing one of those Pinterest Fails, laugh it off, take a picture, and go get yourself an ice cream.

3. Listen to Jazzy Music

I love some relaxing music just as much as the next person (okay maybe not as much), but if it’s is your go-to, switch it up and listen to something that makes you want to move your hips (even if you’ll never do it). A lot of the time when we’re tired or just not feeling great, we’ll reach for something relaxing and soothing, but this usually just keeps me in that mood. If that’s what you need, live your life my friend. But I know that when I put on more upbeat, good times music it always improves my mood and makes me feel more energized.

If you want to pick through some playlists to get your blood flowing here are a general mix of upbeat tunes or Some chill but still happy oldies.

4. Exercise

I felt you cringe, but YOU CANNOT DENY SCIENCE, MY FRIEND. Even if you don’t want to, just exercise for 30 minutes. I believe in you-you can do it. And after those 30 minutes, your body will literally be releasing endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling similar to that of morphine. Even if I’m dead tired I always feel more energized and like I have a better grasp at life after I exercise. So go for a run, a swim, look up a free 30-minute youtube exercise video, make your friend Stairmaster with you, do some yoga, whatever it is get moving.

5. Drink a Green Smoothie

Wow from exercise to spinach smoothies, but hear me out. Whenever I’m feeling down or like I need to accomplish things, chugging a ridiculous amount of spinach always makes me feel better. If you’re concerned about taste, fear not we will be adding fruit but you won’t get the usual high then crash of just fruit smoothies. The fiber in the greens will slow down your body’s absorption of sugar giving you a nice even pace of energy.

My favorite cheap and easy recipe for a mood-boosting smoothie combines a very heavily concentrated green tea (just add a tea bag to a few tablespoons of boiling water), about a cup of blueberries, several handfuls of spinach, and a combination of peach juice and water. This makes for a sweet and refreshing smoothie that will perk you right up. This can easily be messed with though and frequently is in my house. Add a banana, substitute the juice, toss in some flax seed, follow your spinach soul.

6. Facetime

Look another good one for cleaning or sitting! Yes, sometimes when you’re feeling down you just want to crawl under the covers and be alone. Valid, fine, yes yes yes. But other times, talking about whatever it is that’s going on, or just about nothing with a good friend can do wonders for improving your mood and state of mind. Call up a friend, a sibling, your mom, someone who has always been there for you and can make you laugh. Even if you just spend the whole conversation asking about them and their lives, it will do you and your relationship good.

7. Freshen Up Your Hair

If you hadn’t noticed by now from my ever changing rainbow hair, I love to switch up my hairstyle. While I do not condone making rash, emotional hair decisions, there are plenty of temporary or minor adjustments you can make that will give you the same feeling without the regret. Get a trim, dye your hair a temporary color, get bangs cut, there are hundreds of ways to give yourself a new image without making any drastic changes you will want to punch yourself for in a few weeks.

8. Pamper Yourself

If you don’t want to be around a soul and need to recharge, give yourself a nice pamper. Make a good dinner, pour yourself a wine if you’re into that, run a proper bubble bath with candles included, whiten your teeth, scrub the crap off your feet, do your nails, pluck your eyebrows, hair mask your head, you get the drift. Take some time to do an at-home spa day, read a book or watch a show on your laptop from your tub and just relax.

9. Write

Finally, if none of the above sounds interesting to you, I recommend writing three things. One, a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. Even if you’re feeling at your worst you have things to be thankful for and sometimes we need a reminder of that. Next, write out everything that’s stressing you out. This could be emotional issues, problems you need to solve, whatever just get it out on paper. And finally, write out what you’re going to do about it. Come up with a plan. Don’t just get it out and feel better for the next 8 hours till this wears off- figure out things you can and can’t control and decide what you’re going to do about the things you can control and forget the rest.

Do you have anything that makes you feel better? Lemme know below and next time maybe I’ll give it a try!