When invited to a party or a get-together, I believe it’s common decency to ask “Can I bring anything?” But if all the men I’ve ever dated have taught me anything, it is not common knowledge to bring something nice.

Also yes, I do date savages.

I love bringing something fancy and refuse to be the person that brings something storebought. Yes, I am that asshole. Now keep in mind, I don’t care if you bring something storebought, I understand how life works. But me? Bring those crappy sugar cookies with far too much icing from the generic grocery store? Helllll no. But, if you need someone to eat those same crappy cookies I am your girl cause they’re delicious.

So if you also like to feel fancy and impress your partner’s parents, your friends, or heck just the neighbor’s cat, here are my favorite recipes to bring to your next get together!

1. Avocado and Roasted Yam Fall Ensalada

Okay, okay, I know I’m busting out of the gate with a “fall” dish, but ohmygod are these tasty. I usually bring these to a Thanksgiving Dinner, but they are really convenient at barbecues as they come in an easily compostable container. Easy for people to grab, delicious, and actually fairly healthy! Also, they look very impressive for a medium amount of work.

2. Arugula, Watermelon and Feta Salad

If you want something that requires basically no work but is healthy and tasty this is the option for you! I find at barbecues especially, people are bringing very heavy, meat-filled foods. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a barbecue! But amongst all the deliciousness, I like having a lighter item as well. This is a salad people will actually want to eat, and feels very fresh and summery between the mint and the watermelon.

3. Elote (Grilled Mexican Street Corn)

Ohhhhhh babyyy elote. This is always a fan favorite, and certainly shows up all the regular corn ready to grill. I like to bring this when the host requests “a side” or “something to grill” as this is both. It’s also great if you have no time to prepare ahead of the event. All you really need to do is shuck the corn and mix up the sauce beforehand. I would recommend putting the raw corn in a pot of cold water while you travel. This keeps the corn moist while it grills making it tastier. It’s recommended to let it sit for 30 minutes, but I’ve left it in there longer and it’s always been just as delicious. Then take the corn out at your guests, I usually smother it in butter but this is optional, then pop it on the grill. After it’s grilled for a bit I smother the sauce on in front of people, grate some cheese, spread some cilantro and you have a fancy but easy dish you can make while socializing.

4. Peach Chiffon Pie

This isn’t your standard peach pie, no no no. This is chiffon. I’ve made this pie a few times and it’s always a hit. It’s almost impossible to screw up but looks beautiful when presented. It does take some chilling time so I would make it the day beforehand, but other than that is very simple. I like bringing this to barbecues especially as it’s another break from all the usual heavy cake and cookies, but still is creamy and wonderful.

5. Peach Jalapeño Margarita

If you’re told to bring a drink, there’s certainly nothing wrong with just grabbing a couple packs of beer. But if you’d like to spice things up (HAH) this drink is great to fling together in a jug with garnishes ready to go on the side. It’s a glorious mix of spicy with peach cutting through all the tequilla flavor that will certainly start a party.

Let me know if you try any of these and how they turn out!!