As both a (self-proclaimed) inspiring entrepreneur and millennial, I am in constant need of Instagram photos. Yes, I could arguably just take 100 selfies, or put up a quote as every other photo, but personally, that’s not really my vibe. Whether that’s your vibe or not, sometimes you realize you have nothing to post and it’s been longer than two days, and when you’re attempting to climb the social media ladder that basically means you’re dead.

But you may not have the time, the funds, the desire to put makeup on, or the social life to go out and do something you feel is post-worthy. Which is why today I will be sharing 12 cute picture ideas you can take from the comfort of your own home.

1. Food

Look you’ve got to eat anyway, so why not compete with the thousands of other thriving food Instagram accounts? Plate your dinner nicely with cloth napkins and pretty candles, thank your mother for making the food of your culture, bake something, possibilities are quite endless. And the best part is you can snack while you edit the living hell out of the picture.

2. Detail’s 

These a nice break when looking for a photo of yourself that isn’t actually a photo of yourself. They’re really easy to shoot if you need something to post last minute. Go through your closet and find some sunglasses, a pin, a hat, a sleeve, or really anything that you like and could focus on. It’s an easy way to show off style or something cool without having to actually pose or feel like you should cover your face. I often will just slap some lipstick on and intentionally crop my face out to spice things up and make everything go smoother since you’re not concerned about looking ugly.

3. Flash Back’s

Look through your feed and if you haven’t posted an old picture in awhile, you my friend are set. Posting old pictures are great for quick content, and usually, come with an easy to tell story for your caption. Post just the picture itself, or take a picture of the picture for some pizzaz and slap a #fbf or #tbt or #whatever on there.

4. Home Decor

You’d be surprised at how cute your stuff is, if you moved all the ugly things out of the way. Most of Instagram is all a big sham anyway, so shove all those clothes into an out of view corner and take a picture of your bed, a cute picture on the wall, a plant, or whatever else you’ve got laying around. If things aren’t turning out how you’d like them, toss a candle or a succulent in there till you get the magic you’re looking for.

5. What You’re Reading

Or, what you should be reading. Books can be photographed in so many ways. One open, closed, a bunch stacked on top of each other, a pretty bookshelf, blah blah blah. And they’re easy to caption so you’re welcome.

6. Bathtub

Join the #tubclub (which is a real thing Anthropologie posts about just saying) and relax at the same time! Yes, flowers and Lush bath bombs are wonderful and helpful, but not necessary. Bust out your bubbles (or cheap shampoo will do the trick just helping a brother out), grab a book, some wine, candles, fling a towel, whatever you’ve got to work with, set the mood and photo away.

7. Products

Got some adorably packaged lotion? How about a fancy bottle of hairspray? Did you recently purchase an eyeshadow palette you really shouldn’t have but hey you could die tomorrow? Take a picture of it! Flat lays are easy to do in home in front of a window, or line everything up all nicely in your bathroom or on a vanity.

8. Outfits

You’ve got a closet full of clothes, so lay some out! Or pop one on if you’re feeling attractive. These are easy and fun to take, and will save you time picking out your outfit for the next day.

9. Drinks

Everyone loves a good bev. If it’s late, make some tea in your favorite mug. If it’s early, brew a coffee, if it’s anytime of the day make a nice pitcher of drank and show the world your bartending skills!

10. Working Pictures

Ohhhh a good “working” picture. All this requires is some form of notebook, a laptop, coffee, planners, paperclips, pens, whatever office supplies you can come up with. These are also great to promote the fact that you have “things in the works” like the businesswoman you are.

11. Nails

Recently got yer nails did? Take a photo of them! Are they looking scraggly? Pinterest some easy nail design to fling on your hands which will not only provide you with a photo- but your nails will look less like The Beast’s.

12. Pets

And lastly if anything, everyone loves a good pet pic. Don’t have a pet? Sorry can’t help you refer to the previous 11 ;P BYEEE