If you were a child in the 90’s you likely experienced Xanga. Xanga was pre-Instagram, Facebook even Myspace, but sucked away just as much of your life. I would spend hours googling basic level coding to make my layout just so, creating banners for my header in Microsoft Paint, and don’t forget all that time choosing just the perfect song for your page.

And with Xanga, I learned about memes. There was some really awful/amazing pre-Tumblr feels going on there. My point with all this is now, a hundred years later, when this is really overrated and out of style, I present you some of this month’s favorite memes.

Ideal for when your partner just doesn’t know how to Target properly.

Or when you don’t cry during “normal” circumstances.

When you go on a bad first date but at least they buy you dinner.

When you make a damn fool of yourself in public.

When your dog doesn’t come when you call him.

Just 97% of my life.

When everyone in the group picture looks great except you.

Clueless quotes

When a man at the gym asks if you’re using a machine you’re obviously using and get’s pissy when you politely but firmly say yes.

Or when someone questions your food choices.

Good for a casual Tuesday.

Project Runway - a nice little old lady gives some advice to Kate...

Perfect for every day.

Or for those day’s where you forget that you’re still fabulous.

When a middle aged white man questions your intelligence.

When your partner has to work like a functioning adult.

When you see your ex partner/friend watching your IG stories.

Anytime you’re not happy.

Samantha Jones on double standards

When he was hott, but an idiot.

When you’re in your perfect natural makeup-free sweatpants-on state.


When a child doesn’t get your joke cause they’re a child.


And lastly, a meme for anytime.

☄ @lunaeticx ☄

Leave me your favorite below and have a nice day kids! See you next Wednesday!