Yes, folks right from the horse’s mouth you’re hearing it- I bought the bougie toothbrush Instagram relentlessly shoved into my face.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to (good for you not selling your soul to the way of social media) I’m talking about Quip. Quip is self-described as “The Perfect Brush” and is supposed to be not only an excellent oral hygiene tool, but sleek and attractive enough to distract me from all the dog photos I normally look at on IG.

And I must admit I freaking love it.

The toothbrush comes in 6 colors, four metal tones, and two blues. While my heart wanted the copper, my brain chose the gold as it would match my home better. I figured if I’m already paying $45 for a toothbrush almost entirely for its good looks, I best get one that matches my bathroom.

Quip has “Bristles with just the right amount of sonic vibrations and guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing.” AKA you’re getting the adult version of a child toothbrush that tells you when you when you should switch areas of your mouth every 30 seconds. But here’s the real question- why doesn’t every toothbrush do this?

Yes, one could say I’m a legal contributing adult member of society- but one could also say I’m just a stretched out 6-year-old fumbling about in desperate need of being told how long I should brush.

After using the Quip for a few weeks now, I honestly think I wasn’t brushing long enough on one side of my mouth before which is highly concerning to me. I actually bought my previous automatic toothbrush out of fear for my gums. My ex toothbrush was an Oral-B Pro 1000 that I bought for $45 on Amazon. And it was fine, we lived an unfulfilled but not awful life together.

He’s in the trash now.

My problem with my ex wasn’t even really his fault, it was mine. You see, unlike the Quip that has a nice neat battery inside, when I was finished brushing my teeth I had to put the toothbrush back on it’s charger. Except I’m a lazy SOB and really did not want to take the time to dry off my toothbrush after every use. This resulted in any bit of wetness that was on my brush drying onto the top of the charging stand into a gross toothwashing aftermath which I would have to clean constantly out of fear I’d have surprise guests who would come over one night and judge me.

Other than that it was a fine toothbrush, but again unfulfilling. Quip’s brushes do come with a stand as well if you’re into that, but I prefer the simplicity of putting my toothbrush into a cup that is likely getting equally as disgusting- but is at least out of sight and mind till I clean my bathroom next.

The stand is supposed to be able to stick on the wall which did excite me. Except it also terrified me when it came crashing down 2 minutes later.

But other than the stand not sticking to the wall/mirror as advertised, I have had no complaints about said toothbrush. I’ve actually been very pleased with it and would reccomend it to others. In fact, I liked it so much I bought one for my brother in law for his birthday because what more would one want than a toothbrush on your birthday.

Have you been suckered by any ads on social media? Let me know what and if you liked them! Till next time happy brushing!