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It’s a grand little corner of the internet devoted to reading. A basic rundown of what happens is together we pick a book, halfway through my co-host Jessica and I will deliver our thoughts (past ramblings found below) and pose some questions for you to think about as we finish. If you’d like you can write your thoughts in a comment, leave a voice recording, or even send me a video response! Finally, we wrap everything up in a Livestream to discuss what we liked, what we hated, and everything in between.

The book we are currently reading is:

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

“Jane, a single mother, is on her way to Pirriwee Public School, where her son Ziggy is starting kindergarten. On the way, she meets Madeline, another mother with a daughter of the same age. Madeline’s friend Celeste is also sending her twin sons, Max and Josh, to school. The two strike up a friendship with Jane. All three of them have their own problems: Madeline is resentful that her daughter from her previous marriage is growing close to her ex-husband’s new wife, Bonnie; Celeste is physically abused by her rich banker husband, Perry; and Jane was raped and left to raise her son Ziggy on her own. To make matters worse for her, Ziggy is accused of bullying a classmate on his first day of school.

As months pass, the three become close and Jane shares her experience with the other women. With the information Jane gives, Celeste and Madeline realize that the father is Perry’s cousin, Saxon Banks, but decide to keep it from Jane for the time being. Meanwhile, Celeste’s marriage becomes even more violent and she starts meeting a counselor and rents an apartment for herself, without Perry’s knowledge. Ziggy is once again accused of bullying his classmate, though he denies it.

On the night of Pirriwee Public’s Trivia Night, Josh tells Celeste that it is Max, not Ziggy, who is bullying the other children. She realizes that Max is mimicking Perry and finally decides to leave him. Perry finds out about the new house, and despite being shaken, the couple still goes to the Trivia Night.

Once they reach the school, Jane sees Perry and realizes that he is, in fact, “Saxon Banks” and confronts him in front of Madeline and Celeste. Celeste recalls Perry’s childhood stories where he used his cousin’s name to avoid trouble for himself. Perry admits to raping Jane but shows no remorse. In the ensuing argument between them, Perry hits Celeste. Enraged by what she has witnessed, Bonnie pushes him to his death from the balcony.

In the aftermath of the fall, Madeline finds out that Bonnie had an abusive father and seeing Perry’s violence brought back bad memories. Everybody on the balcony decides to lie to protect Bonnie, but she turns herself in. She is only sentenced to 200 hours of community service. A year after Perry’s death, Celeste works in a family law firm and sets up a trust fund for Ziggy. She speaks publicly about her abusive relationship, starting her speech with: “This can happen to anyone.”

Halfway Ramblings for it will be posted here on June 16, 2018.

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