Due to the school supplies that have suddenly appeared in Target, it dawned on me school is in fact upon us. It also dawned on me I need a calendar and a life outside of Target, but that’s for a later post. So as the Cool Dinosaur Aunt you’ve always wanted, today I will be sharing with you two things. One is a list of 5 Things to Remember in School. Two, a few awkward photos I can find from high school as we all deserve a good chuckle.

Now I must warn you, I wasn’t exactly an example student in high school. While most of my peers studied and applied themselves to better their futures, I simply did not care. Instead I got by purely on what I’m calling common sense, deductive reasoning, and charm. All though in reality it was likely just pity. 

What I’m trying to say is if you’re trying to get straight A’s, do extra curricular’s, and be a contributing member of society- this is probably not the post for you. Actually, I entirely take that back- I’m probably exactly what you need in your rigid life so take notes

1. Don’t be afraid to question things.
In high school you are there to be taught, so by nature we often accept whatever is handed to us. But please, question everything and anything that doesn’t seem right to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean pulling a Hermoine and asking your teacher questions every five seconds. But learn to think for yourself. Pick things apart and find out why and how they work.

This can be with anything, trends, religion, politics, heck even ways to solve math problems. This will not only get you farther in life, but overall can make you happier. If you’ve already questioned and answered things, you’re more likely to be happy and confident with your decision to believe in things. Yes, your opinions will change over time, but that’s why you just keep asking questions.

2. Get a damn job.
This was not something I necessarily chose to do in high school, but boy am I glad I was forced to work. Getting a job early on will not only give you A) money but B) independence. (C-Z are mostly painful side effects but you’ll be fine)

I waited tables, nannied, and was a student worker throughout high school, which often forced me to choose between sleeping or socializing. But from this I learned how to save money, budget, pay monthly bills and figured things out most kids don’t learn until College or later. This also teaches you a work ethic- which goes far and will get you recognized. Sure, knowing a lot of ways to make coffee may not directly help you at your first big girl job. But being able to take direction, think critically, and problem solving are all things you hopefully learned from slaving away for minimum wage. And those are all things that will set you apart from some of the other entitled first timers.

3. Make good friends and enjoy them.
One day life is going to take all of you in different directions. This may just be the only time you’ll all be in one area, so take advantage while you can. Make memories, take photos, laugh hard and do so with quality human beings that will stand by your side as hard as you do for them. I genuinely believe you attract the energy you put out, so start smiling booboo. Go find yourself people that make you laugh when you want to cry, listen when you need to scream, and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. 

4. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Allow me to blow your mind, no one knows what they’re doing. Sure it may seem like some do, but stop worrying and comparing yourself to others. Even those that think they’ve got it all figured out, will eventually hit a roadblock cause that’s life my dudes.

You can lay out the best plans, set yourself up for success, and still life will throw you for a loop. But this is when the strong thrive, you just have to keep trying things till something takes. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing- but it’s not okay to quit trying. 

5. Don’t be afraid to be a freak.
Maybe I watched too many feel good 90’s films growing up where the weirdo is usually the victor in the end, but that is the storyline I choose to believe in. In high school it’s easier to blend, and on paper I get it. But in reality that sounds like such a boring life.

Don’t be afraid to be different, this starts with not caring about what others think. I remember trying to convince my friend once to hit on a guy and she wouldn’t because “what if he thought I was weird?” As to which my response was a disgusted face and “so we’ll never see him again and he’ll continue living his pitiful existence alone.”

She never did hit on him, making this story less interesting. But I find myself repeating that disgusted face to this day. But really, what does it matter what a stranger you’ll never see again thinks of you for 15 seconds? Do we all run out of food? Does a flock of locust’s come down from the heavens? What changes in the world?

Obviously, don’t be a dummy or inappropriate. But don’t be afraid to go outside of the box a bit. Learning to be confident in the person you are will get you a lot further and make you stand out in the crowd. Eventually good grades and curricular’s will blend together, and people will want to know what makes you different.

And now I bid adieu with the words of Mr. Jole himself, “Should I try and be a straight a student? If you are then you think too much.”