I’m pretty convinced I didn’t fully hit puberty until 17. In fact based off of how minuscule my boobs are, I’m still not really sure it ever struck. But after years of clear skin, my face decided to erupt in cycstic acne at the age of 17.

For the next 10 years, I went through just about every product one could imagine. At 18, I was Queen of the Drugstore. I could tell you where every brand was located in any Target, Rite Aid or CVS. Around 21 I moved up to Sephora.  But no matter how much money I shelled out, or for how long I used products my skin didn’t change.

Peter Thomas Roth, ProActiev, Olay, Lush, Fresh, Clinique, Origins, Murad, Bioré, Kate Sommerville, Glamglow, you name it I’ve tried it. And sure I got hints of hope. Glimmers of clear spot-less skin. But nothing ever stuck.

Until I received the magic list. 

For years I heard one set of information, which only was later countered by another set of information. And honestly, how is one to know? Everyone’s skin is different. I have friends who literally bathe themselves in coconut oil every night religiously and have beautiful clear baby smooth skin. I on the other hand implode in giant red painful zits that sit for months if I dare to apply even a hint of the stuff. So while some of these ingredients may only do good for some, if you’re prone to acne and are at your wits end with trying everything, I highly recommend cross checking these ingredients with the skin care products you are currently using.

It’s a long list that I in no way put together (I can barely tie my shoes you think I could put a pore clogging list together?) and is filled with words I don’t understand. But it is nicely alphabetized and if you see an ingredient in a product, I would steer clear!

So here it is my dearest friends of the internet, a list of common Pore Clogging Ingredients found in skin care.

Thanks all you beautiful faces!
– Lauren